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International Nanny Jobs

For those nannies that would like to explore the world, but still want to keep their career going an international nanny job is the answer.  The London Nanny Agency constantly has a variety of nanny jobs on our books.  Our agency is happy to put enthusiastic, experienced and reliable nannies forward for any international nanny jobs. 

If you are a nanny with an itch to explore a foreign country it is advisable that you do as much research as possible beforehand.  Knowing about the culture, language, customs, climate and food will significantly reduce any possible culture shock you may experience upon arrival.  Are there local amenities for the children as well as potential entertainment for you on your evenings/days off?  If you’ve lived in a city all your life and are considering moving to a rural or even suburban environment (or vice versa) will you be able to adapt?

Remember that if you are being recruited to work abroad, the family will most likely require you to speak your mother tongue to them and their children all the time.  It is your responsibility to learn the language of the country you are about to call home!  If you have time, pick up some phrase books or a bilingual dictionary before you get on that plane.

Being a nanny abroad can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your career – giving you the freedom to discover a new culture and environment.  For more information on international nanny jobs, apply to become registered with The London Nanny Agency.  

Nannies, if you have at least 2 years experience please check our latest London nanny jobs  list.

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