SW15, Putney. Part time Nanny OR nanny /house keeper. Start ASAP #4855

SW15, Putney. Live out and part time nanny required for 2 boys ages 6 and 9 years old. This could be a Nanny / House keeper position if more hours are wanted. Monday 12.00-7.00pm, Tuesday 2.00-8.00pm, Wednesday 2.00-7.00pm, Thursday 2.00-8.00 pm and Friday would be pick up from school only approx 3.30-5.00 but hours may vary if there is a playdate. Generally, hours can vary dependant on whether the nanny is happy to help with housekeeping duties. The hours may increase in the holidays but not to full time hours. Duties will include picking the boys up from school each day (this is a 20 minute walk from the home), helping supervise their homework, staying on top of their school life, taking one of them to football club once per week, cooking for the children and if the nanny likes cooking to prepare some food for the parents (this is not essential) and all typical nursery duties. If the nanny wants more hours there could be additional family housekeeping / cleaning and this could be done on the Friday or other suitable days for both sides.  If the nanny can drive this would be a bonus and there is a manual car that she  / he could drive. The family will need help taking the boys to school in the morning when the mother has meetings, normally on a Thursday, and during the whole week when she is away travelling for work - approx 10 weeks per year which are set well in advance. The Grandmother lives close by and she will help when needed. Must be positive, organised and tidy. Must have fluent English.  Circa £12 net per hour. Start ASAP (REF#4855)

SW6, Fulham. Live out and full time. start asap#4853

SW6, Fulham. Full time and live out nanny to help look after 2 little girls ages 2 years old and a 6 month old. Tuesday - Saturday 8.00am-7.00 / 8.00pm (could be Monday - Friday) depending on when one of the children is asleep. The mother works from home and will be around to help from time to time. The 2 year old is at nursery some of the time and so the nanny will be looking after the 6 month old  as well as doing the nursery runs etc (walking distance from the family home).  The family are looking for someone who can help encourage the children learning and development and be aware of all of the different stages. There are lots of local activities to go and the nanny should be proactive about finding suitable and age related ones for both girls. If the nanny can speak German or Arabic this would be an advantage but is not essential, fluent English is a must.  All typical nursery duties and making sure that everything is tidy at the end of the day. The nanny should be able to travel with the family to various destinations world wide. Salary £12.00 net per hour. Start ASAP (REF#4853)

W14, Holland Park. Live out nanny. #4852

W14, Holland Park. Nanny required to help with 2 children (ages 9 years old and a 15 month old) there are twins due mid January. The role will be shared with another nanny and the mother is around as well. There are several options-  Part-time or Full-time nanny with Monday - Friday from either 12.30pm -8.30pm or 3.30pm-8.30pm (start time flexible between 12:30-3:30), and a Weekend nanny, both days from 7:30am-7:30pm. (Weekday nanny can also have a part of weekend - subject to discussion). The nanny must either have English as first language or Japanese as first language. Junior nanny can also apply for the position but the candidate needs to have at least 2 years relevant experience.  Duties to include all childcare and nursery duties as well as cooking for the children. If the nanny can travel with the family this would be a bonus but is not essential. Salary £11-13 net per hour. Start date flexible, ideally Mid November to beginning of January. (REF#4852)

SW6, Fulham. Live out, Full time /Temp nanny. Start ASAP #4847

SW6, Fulham. Live out nanny / PA (household admin) required for a 4-year-old little boy on a sole charge basis or this could be a temporary position; Monday - Friday 7.30am - 2.30 / 4.30pm. All nursery duties as well as cooking and giving breakfast, snacks, and lunch based on a weekly menu for the little boy. Entertaining him, going to local activities and arranging playdates throughout the morning and then dropping him at nursery at 2.30pm. The nanny must be able to suggest activities that are suitable for the age group and must be able to stimulate and encourage learning through age-related play. If the nanny is looking for more hours then there will be some household admin to do whilst he is at school and would then be free to leave at 4.30pm. After the little boy has gone to school, the nanny will have time for getting ready for the next day, running errands for the family such as grocery shopping, dropping off parcels, family laundry, and tidying up after the morning. Occasional babysitting on an ad hoc basis. The nanny must have experience with the age group and be happy to get down and play.  

This could be a temp position for either 1 week or for as long as both parties are happy. Salary £12 net per hour depending on experience and qualifications. Start ASAP (REF#4847)

SW3, Chelsea. Live out and full time. Start ASAP #4846

SW3, Chelsea.  Live out and full time nanny required for 3 boys ages 2,3 and 5. The 2 older children are at school every day and so the role is primarily to look after the 2 year old.Monday - Friday 8-10 hours per day and most days finishing at around 7.00pm. The position is mostly sole charge with some shared care. Duties to include school runs for the older 2 boys, (walking distance from the home) and all childcare. There is a live in house keeper but the nanny must make sure that everything is tidy at the end of the day. The nanny must have English as first language as she / he will be expected to help with homework and all aspects of their education through age related play and activities. There are local activities near by that the nanny can take the little boy to and be able to encourage his English at all times. Manners are important for all 3 boys and these should be encouraged at meal times etc.  The family are looking for someone who is fun, can engage with the children easily and for someone who is active and energetic and has a mature outlook. There will be occasional baby sitting on an ad hoc basis and if the nanny can travel with the family that would be a bonus. This is a long term position.  Salary £12.00 net per hour. Start ASAP (REF#4846)

SW11, Clapham Sole charge nanny needed ASAP 3-4 days pw (ref# 4844)

SW11, Clapham.  Sole charge live out nanny required 3-4 days per week either Monday - Thursday or Tuesday -Thursday from 7.45-6.30pm Three children aged 5, 3 and nearly 1 (B,B,G).  The family are seeking a sensible, organised, proactive and energetic nanny with a warm and empathetic nature who is confident and able to support the family as the mother is having treatment for cancer.  Must be positive and fun and a team player able to liaise and communicate well with the parents and school/nursery etc.  All nursery duties including cooking for  the children, school and nursery drop offs and collection (does not need to be a driver), keeping the communal areas clean and tidy and make sure everything is tidy and organised. Arranging and co-ordinating playdates and after school activities, supporting homework and providing stimulating and creative entertainment for the children to engage and occupy them.  Must have good emotional intelligence and able to be discreet and observe boundaries when necessary.  Must speak excellent fluent English and be able to commit as this is a long term position. This could be on a temporary basis until the right nanny is found.  Start ASAP.  £10-12 net per hour (ref# 4844)


SW19, Wimbledon. 3 days per week Nanny /House keeper. #4843 A

SW19, Wimbledon.  Three days per week, live out sole charge nanny/ house keeper. 4 year old and 3 year old.  32-35 hours per week, days TBA.  All typical nanny and nursery duties as well as cleaning and cooking for the family. £12 net per hour.  The family will also employ an au pair to cover the other hours not worked by the nanny.  French speaking and driving licence are a plus. Start between Oct 29th and November 5th (REF#4843 A)

W8, Kensington. 40 hours per week. Start ASAP #4842

W8, Kensington. Live out position to start asap. 3 children ages 11 (G), 10 (B) and 8 (G) years old. This will be mostly sole charge with some shared care. 40 hours per week guaranteed but there may be more hours with baby sitting etc. Monday - Thursday 1.00-8.00 pm. plus either a Saturday or Sunday hours willl be flexible but mostly in the morning to help with clubs/parties etc . During the school holidays the guaranteed hours will be the same but the hours may become 10-5. The family are looking for a nanny who has lots of energy and can use his / her initiative at all times and must be as flexible with times if required. Duties to include help with school pick ups, laundry for the children and keeping their rooms tidy etc. helping supervise homework, cooking for the children from scratch and being part of a large family and seeing what needs to be done and doing it. The schools are a short distance away, no driver necessary as there are buses. The family do have a cleaner but the nanny must be willing to tidy up at the start of the day as well as the end of the day. Salary £12.00 net per hour. Start ASAP (REF#4842)

W12, Shepherds Bush. 3 days per week, sole charge, 8 month old baby. #4841

W12, Shepherds Bush.  Sole charge nanny required three days per week. 8 ½ month old baby. 8:30am-7pm. The days must be consecutive at start or end of week (ie Mon-Weds or Weds-Fri) but doesn't matter which. Nursery duties only including cooking/cleaning for the baby. Helpful if happy to take the baby to local groups and source relevant activities etc. Also happy to do occasional evening babysitting (once a month or so). Must have baby experience and excellent proven references.  Start ASAP.  £12 net per hour.  (REF#4840)

SW1, Belgravia. Live out and Full time. Start ASAP #4840

SW1, Belgravia. Live out and full time nanny required to look after 2 children ages 3 (G) and 5 (B).  The family employ another nanny (who has been with them for a couple of years) as well and so the hours and days will vary, the nanny will be needed for at least 8 hours per day for 5/6 days per week, some days the nanny may start at 7.00/7.30am and finish at around 6.00pm and others will be a later start and finish. The nanny does not need to drive as the schools are within walking distance form the family home. The little girl is at nursery until lunch time each day and one afternoon she has ballet classes locally, otherwise she enjoys doing arts and crafts and baking etc. Duties are all childcare and all typical nursery duties including cooking for the children. The nanny must be available to travel with the family during the school holidays (again this may be shared with the other nanny.). The last nanny who has now left was there for 4 years and the family are looking for another long term nanny to replace her. The nanny must have English as mother tongue. Salary £12.00 net per hour.

Start ASAP (REF#4840)

NW6, Queens Park Live in Full time (ref# 4830)

NW6, Queens Park.  Live in.  four children aged 7,5, 5 and 5 months.  The family are seeking an energetic and friendly nanny to help care for the children on a shared care basis.  They are a warm, relaxed and welcoming family who would like the nanny to be part of the family.  Must be very tidy and organised and able to work alongside the mother and be part of the team in this busy household. This is a shared care position but must be happy on occasion to be sole charge.  Duties are childcare and must be happy to help with all things related to the children such as cooking, children’s laundry, keeping the children’s rooms and playroom tidy etc.  The family do employ a cleaner, but must have a proactive and helpful attitude.  Must have a good knowledge of child development and be able to provide a consistent, loving, safe and secure environment for the children, ensuring they are entertained and occupied with trips to the park, playdates etc.  Must be able to help supervise homework and make sure they are prepared for the following day.  Driver preferred but not essential (automatic car provided). Only short local journeys would be required.  The family do have a small dog so if the nanny wanted to take out that would be appreciated but again not essential.  There is the opportunity to accompany the family on holidays if the nanny wishes to. 

Accommodation is bedroom and ensuite bathroom and the use of  the children’s playroom in the evening which doubles as a sitting room. 

Hours 7am-7pm Monday to Friday with two nights babysitting.  Start end September-mid October.  Salary £400-450 net per week.  (ref# 4830)

W10, Notting Hill. afternoons in term time and full time in holidays. #4839

W10, Notting Hill. Live out nanny required to look after a little girl who is 3 years old. Monday - Friday 3.00-6.30/7.00pm during the term times and from 9.00am-6.00pm during the school holidays. The little girl is at a local preschool and would need to be picked up from there (2 minutes walk from the family home)each day. There is lots to do locally with parks etc and she also loves any craft activities which can be done at home. Cook tea and give this to her and then play and start the bed time routine. The family do have a dog which does not need to be walked. There are 3 older children who are away at university or school and may be around in the holidays but don't need looking after.Salary £12-13 net per hour Start end of September / October. (REF#4839)

N11, Barnet. 3 or 4 days per week. 5 month old. Start 1st October. #4838

N11, Barnet. Live out and part time sole charge nanny required 3 or 4 days per week for a 5 1/2 month old little girl, at start of position. Ideally Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 8.30am -5.30pm, although flexible on days.  The family are looking for a nanny who has a wealth of baby experience, a mature outlook, and for someone who is reliable and responsible. The nanny should be able to help with weaning and be able to recognise the different developmental stages. All typical nursery duties including cooking from scratch and keeping all of the child areas clean and tidy. The nanny should be able to drive and there is access to a manual car. Salary £12.00 net per hour. Start 1st October (REF#4838)

SW6, Fulham Live in. Either 24/5 or 7am-7.30pm ref# 4837

SW6,  Fulham. Live in. English or fluent English speaking nanny to look after little boy who was born July 2012 and little girl born May 2017. The position will be a mix of sole charge and shared care.

The accommodation provided will be a private bedroom and bathroom shared with the children, within the family home. The candidate should have a driving license in order to use the family car when required. 

Holiday travel will be required by the nanny, typical destinations include Europe, Asia and the Caribbean. 

The little boy is at school and is affectionate, confident and adventurous. The  little girl will be at home with the nanny full time and is in a good routine.

The role will include typical nursery duties, preparing healthy meals, organising age appropriate activities, sports, supervising homework and stimulating the children. 

They are very sporty, enjoy swimming and skiing. Therefore a nanny who is a confident swimmer, active and sporty is essential for this position.  The working hours will EITHER be 24 hours per day, Monday to Friday with some weekend work and flexibility required around the family schedule OR 7am-7.30pm Monday to Friday with flexibility to occasionally work a day at weekends with time off in lieu during the week.  If this happens this will be arranged in advance.  Salary £600.00 net per week for 24/5 and £450.00 net per week for 7am-7.30pm.   (re# 4837)


W11, Holland Park. Nanny / Housekeeper. 8 hours per day. Start ASAP #4834

W11, Holland Park. Live out and part time nanny / housekeeper required by a family with 2 boys ages 7 and 5 1/2 years old. The family are looking for someone who is a confident London driver -there is an automatic car. Monday - Friday approx. 8 hours per day 12.30pm-7.30pm there could be more hours available in the holidays for the right nanny / house keeper when duties will be mostly childcare. During the term time the duties would include all childcare and nursery duties, cooking for the family, school runs, cleaning, laundry and ironing for the family. The fmaily are looking for someone who has fluent English, if they can speak German and / or Italian this would be a bonus but is not essential. Salary £12 net per hour. Start asap. (REF#4834)

N1, Islington, 2 or 3 afternoons per week. Start September. #4833


N1, Islington. Part time nanny required for after school for 2 or 3 days per week Tuesday and Thursday 4.00-6.30pm and every other Friday 1.00pm-5.00pm.  There is a 2 year old (3 in October) who will be at nursery which is within walking distance from the family home. Duties to include making/ giving a snack and or dinner, giving a bath and getting ready the little one for bed as well as playing and entertaining.  There may be additional hours needed for baby sitting occasionally but this will be on an ad hoc basis. The family are looking for someone who loves children, is caring, and experienced with toddlers and knowledgeable about child development and can encourage learning through play and activities at home.If a few more hours are wanted by the nanny, It would be helpful to have someone who can do more than looking after the little girl for example laundry/folding/ironing, changing bed sheets, cooking, groceries or other errands. There is a cleaner so house cleaning not needed but those other tasks would really simplify life and go a long way for the famil. So for instance that could mean two or three extra hours on Tuesdays or Thursdays before picking up from nursery to do these various tasks or they could be spread across those days as needed ( to be discussed).  Salary £13-15 net per hour depending on experience. Start 12th September. (REF#4833)

SW1, Belgravia. Live in Nanny for a 1 year old. Start ASAP #4845

SW1, Belgravia. Live in Nanny required for 5.5 days per week. The nanny will have her own bedroom. 12 hours per day (Monday - Friday) plus a half day on the Saturday (finishing at 2pm). Must be able to travel overseas with the family. The household is fully staffed and the nanny must be prepared to wear a uniform and be well presented. Must be a team player as well as being able to work independently. Must have full nanny experience. Nursery duties and childcare. There are 3 children in total but the position advertised is to look after the baby (B) who is 1 years old, the other 2 children are (7 and 4 have their own nanny ). The little boy is in a good routine. All meals will be provided when on duty. Start ASAP. Excellent salary depending on experience. £500-600 net per week (REF#4845)

NW3, Primrose Hill. Live out, Full time. #4829

NW3, Primrose Hill.  Live out, sole charge.  Three children aged 7, 4 and 4 months.  The family are seeking an experienced nanny (including for young babies) with a confident, organised, warm and loving approach.  Must be happy to take to and collect from school, co-ordinate after school activities and provide a safe and stimulating environment.  Nursery duties including cooking and laundry for the children and at times preparing simple family food for all the family.  Household PA duties (light errands etc). Must be an excellent communicator and be able to liaise with the parents/school etc.  The family do have a small dog so must be happy with that.  Dog walking not essential but very welcome.  Hours 7/8am-6pm Monday to Friday.  Start date negotiable but early Autumn.   (ref# 4829)

NW6, Kilburn. Full time and live out. New born baby. #4824

NW6, Kilburn. Full time and live out nanny required for a family with a baby due in mid November. Monday - Friday 7.00/8.00am -6.30/7.00pm. This is a long term position and the family are looking for someone to become part of their growing family. As well as all childcare and nursery duties the nanny should be happy to help around the house ( baby takes priority) and be a confident cook and happy to cook for the parents (family cooking only).  The nanny must have newborn experience and be able to recognise the different developmental stages. There is a small dog that would occasionally like to be taken for a walk (there is a dog walker). Must have fluent English. £12.00 net per hour. Start mid November. (REF#4824)

W4, Chiswick. Full time, live in. (ref# 4817)

W4, Chiswick.  Full time, live in sole charge nanny with some shared care.  Three children aged  8, 6 and 2.  The family are seeking a warm, empathetic, highly organised, tidy but fun nanny who will be able to help care for  the children, showing a proactive and flexible approach.  Must be able to multi task and take initiative.  Duties include taking the children to  school and nursery (a short walk away; cooking healthy and nutritious meals for the children, supervising and supporting homework and making sure the children are prepared for the following day.  Some light housework but they do employ a cleaner three times a week.  The family are very creative so they are seeking someone who will fit in with this, and be happy to entertain the children with activities such as baking, painting etc as well as being active and energetic.  Must be able to liaise and work with the parents and to take care of  the different age groups making sure their needs are met and remain calm in a busy household. Two nights of babysitting per week.  Start September/October (flexible).  The current nanny has been with them for four years and this is initially a year’s contract as she is going on maternity leave.  Salary negotiable but in the region of £400 net per week. (ref# 4817)