London Nanny Agency Fees

Listed below, our nanny placement fees are industry-standard and include the cost of maximising SAFETY as we are the only nanny agency which pays for first aid courses and DBS checks as standard if the fee is over £500.00.  Under this we can arrange for the enhanced DBS and paediatric first aid course but would ask the nanny to pay for it.

There is no VAT to pay. 

We are able to run and check enhanced DBSs (and also foreign police checks if required), arrange Paediatric First Aid courses, advise parents and nannies about Ofsted registration and support parents throughout the entire employment process including contracts, salary negotiation and all the responsibilities required from parents.  Employer responsibilities

Permanent London Nanny Agency Placement Fees*

UK Live-Out/Daily Nannies - 5 X the Nanny's weekly net salary 

UK Live-In Nannies - 6 X the Nanny's weekly net salary

Abroad Placements for Nannies - 17.5% of the Nanny's annual net salary

*Minimum permanent placement fee of £650. - see terms and conditions.

Temporary Nanny Placement Fees

Temporary Nannies - £30 per week day** and £60 per Saturday and Sunday and Bank Holidays payable in advance, three days after the invoice is sent or before the booking commences, whichever is the soonest. 

*All temporary placement fees are subject to a minimum fee of £250.

** a day constitutes any booking during a 24 hour period