How to Interview London Nannies

The London Nanny Agency makes your children’s safety, security and happiness our priority, so the candidates we send you to interview will be the most loving, experienced and knowledgeable London has to offer.  The London Nanny Agency personally checks at least one reference before interviews take place and also will ensure that relevant identification checks are completed before the commencement of employment, as well as arranging for the successful candidate to complete a paediatric first aid course and update the nanny's enhanced DBS if necessary.   The London Nanny Agency advises that both during the interview and trial process the nanny is not left in charge of the children or house at any time, and the parent or employer remains responsible at all times before the commencement of employment should this be offered.  

The London Nanny Agency maintains a variety of nannies on our books, so as to cater to every family’s requirements and preferences.  We believe that quality, not quantity, is the key to a successful interviewing process.  We are not here to waste your time by sending you candidates who clearly do not meet your criteria.  Instead, we like to send two to four solid nannies, so your decision boils down to which nanny’s personality fits best with your family.

We often find that our parents appreciate some advice for interviewing nannies, so we have put together a brief interview guide below.

Topics to Address with a Nanny

∙ What is the nanny’s family background?

∙ Why she/he chose to become a nanny?

∙ Ask about his/her studies – what did they gain from it?

∙ What the nanny loves most about the job?

∙ What qualities makes him/her stand out from other nannies?

∙ What activities the nanny would plan for your children?

∙ How the nanny would describe his/her approach to childcare

∙ What sort of routine would the nanny develop for your children?

∙ What is the nanny looking for in his/her next nanny job?

∙ What types of meals would the nanny prepare for your children?

∙ How long has the nanny been driving?  Does the nanny feel confident driving children?   

∙ Does she/he have a clean driving record?

∙ How does the nanny think his/her referees would best describe him/her?

∙ What was the most challenging situation the nanny has ever encountered in or outside of work and how did she/he handle it?

It is also important to notice whether or not the nanny has questions about you and your family.  A good nanny will take interest in your family and want to learn about your child rearing philosophies, daily routines, your children’s interests and your nanny requirements.  This sort of friendliness and attention demonstrates the nanny’s seriousness about his/her career – the desire to find the perfect fit!

The London Nanny Agency recommends that the first interview only be between the nanny and the parents.  If you like a nanny, invite him/her back for a second interview where she/he can meet your children, discuss salary, accommodation (if a live-in position), and the full scope of the nanny job you are offering.  After you complete second interviews, The London Nanny Agency advises all of its clients to invite the final candidates (separately) for a trial day where you can guide the nanny through your daily routine and see how she/he participates.  We recommend that the nannies are paid for the trial based on the hourly net rate.  The trials are purely as part of the interview process and we ask that the nannies are not  left alone at any time with the children during the trial period.  

The London Nanny Agency endeavours to make the nanny hiring process easy and pleasant, always keeping your children’s safety, security and happiness our number one priority.