Nanny Reference Checking

We check nanny references to give you peace of mind.  This gives us a chance to ask the difficult questions and glean insight into situations in which the family may not have felt comfortable articulating.  Or, it gives us a chance to find out exactly how fantastic the nanny actually is!  Ultimately, our thorough reference checks are just one more step towards ensuring your little ones are in the hands of the most loving, reliable and knowledgable nanny possible. We can also do foreign police checks through Civil & Corporate (this cost is billed to the client).

The sort of topics and questions we pose to previous employers:

  • To confirm their address, children's ages and when the nanny was employed by the family.
  • What sort of presence did Nanny X maintain while living in your home?
  • Do you think Nanny X is suitable to be a live-in a nanny?
  • How would your children describe Nanny X?
  • If Nanny X showed up at your door one afternoon would they be excited?
  • How well did your baby respond to Nanny X's attempts to develop a sleeping and eating routine?  Was it met with much resistance?
  • Did you take Nanny X on holiday with your family?  Was Nanny X flexible and responsive to you and your partner’s need to have evenings out?
  • Did you require Nanny X to drive your child(ren) around/to and from school?  If so, would you recommend him/her as a driver?
  • Why did Nanny X’s employment with your family come to an end?  Do you still keep in touch?
  • Did Nanny X know your neighbourhood well before working for you?  If not, was (s)he resourceful in finding fun and creative activities for the child(ren)?
  • Is Nanny X always punctual?
  • We often find that even though a family has written a nice reference letter, they are often able to provide a great deal more insight into the nanny’s disposition and childcare capabilities over the telephone.  The privacy of a telephone conversation grants the family the freedom to speak openly and honestly. 
  • If you are torn between two nanny candidates their verbal references might help you make the right decision.  We may find out that a nanny is amazing with children, but was frequently ill, which can cause many problems for the parents and their work life.