Your ideal London Nanny Job

The London Nanny Agency is here to assist the most loving, knowledgeable and experienced nannies get the best London nanny jobs.  Whether you are looking for a live-in, live-out or international nanny job, we have them all.  The London Nanny Agency has a very high profile clientele who seeks the best nannies London has to offer.  You will find your ideal nanny job if you are organised, clear about what you want in a position and keep focussed. 

Nannies, if you have at least 2 years experience please check our latest London nanny jobs list.

All nannies who are considering applying to The London Nanny Agency should update their CVs, verify that the contact details for their nanny/childcare referees are current and accurate (because we will contact them!) and have a clear sense of the type of nanny job they are seeking.  We are a very selective agency, but take great care of our nannies by preparing them to be the safest carers around.  If you are placed in a position by the London Nanny Agency we will pay for you to attend paediatric first aid course (if you have not done so within 1years) as well as for the processing of an Enhanced DBS Disclosure. 

The London Nanny Agency invites all loving, experienced nannies to apply to join our books.  Not only do we equip our nannies (those who are placed in a nanny job through our Agency) with free first aid course as well as DBS Disclosures, we also offer helpful advice about career development, interview techniques and preparation as well as negotiating nanny contracts.  

The London Nanny Agency offers its nannies the friendliest and most professional service in the city.  Our agency will take care of you from start to finish.

Live-In London Nanny Jobs

The London Nanny Agency has found the opportunities for live-in nannies to be endless both in London and abroad.  Living with a family offers a great deal of benefits to both the nanny and the family.  However, it requires the nanny to maintain a nice balance between professionalism and friendliness. 

Many families elect to have a live-in nanny for the sheer factor of convenience.  Living in the same space as the family ensures punctuality and the flexibility to work more hours.  In turn, a live-in nanny has the luxury of not paying for food or rent and not having to commute to work each morning. 

Nannies, if you have at least 2 years experience please check our latest London nanny jobs list.

If you are a nanny considering taking up a live-in position you need to consider the following:

- Are you happy to share a living space with a family? 

- Are you able to be professional and clear about your work hours?

- Are you comfortable living under a family’s household rules?

- Are you comfortable with only having your own room and possibly sharing a bathroom with the children?

Obviously, every live-in nanny job is different.  Some nanny jobs will offer you accommodation with a private entrance and/or bathroom.  Others will provide you with a separate flat.  The most important thing to consider is whether there is a strong chemistry with you and the family.  You will after all be living in close quarters with one another and need to make sure it will be a pleasant experience for both of you.  If you’re looking to save money and live in one of London’s nicest neighbourhoods, then a live-in position may be just the right nanny job for you.  For more information on our available live-in nanny jobs, feel free to apply for registration with the London Nanny Agency by clicking on the button to your right.

Live-Out London Nanny Jobs

The London Nanny Agency always has a wide selection of live-out nanny jobs on offer.  Live-out nanny jobs are perfect for those nannies who are very passionate about their job, but value returning to the privacy of their own home each evening.

A live-out nanny, often referred to as a daily nanny, commutes to work each morning and works her designated hours.  A full-time, daily nanny typically works 50 hours per week.  Since all of our nannies have at least three years experience, they can expect to earn £400-£500 + net per week.  It is standard for a daily nanny to babysit 1-2 nights during the week; this should be paid in addition to your weekly salary.

If you are a nanny whose experience falls within our requirements, please take a few moments to fill out our online application form.  Should you meet our registration requirements, we will be in touch to arrange an interview. 

International Nanny Jobs

For those nannies that would like to explore the world, but still want to keep their career going an international nanny job is the answer.  The London Nanny Agency constantly has a variety of nanny jobs on our books.  Our agency is happy to put enthusiastic, experienced and reliable nannies forward for any international nanny jobs. 

If you are a nanny with an itch to explore a foreign country it is advisable that you do as much research as possible beforehand.  Knowing about the culture, language, customs, climate and food will significantly reduce any possible culture shock you may experience upon arrival.  Are there local amenities for the children as well as potential entertainment for you on your evenings/days off?  If you’ve lived in a city all your life and are considering moving to a rural or even suburban environment (or vice versa) will you be able to adapt?

Remember that if you are being recruited to work abroad, the family will most likely require you to speak your mother tongue to them and their children all the time.  It is your responsibility to learn the language of the country you are about to call home!  If you have time, pick up some phrase books or a bilingual dictionary before you get on that plane.

Being a nanny abroad can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your career – giving you the freedom to discover a new culture and environment.  For more information on international nanny jobs, apply to become registered with The London Nanny Agency.  

Nanny Salaries and Nanny Pay

Nanny Salary Guide (net)

Live-out Nanny (Daily Nanny)             £10 - 12/hour +

Live-In Nanny (5 days)                      £350-£500/week +

6 days/week or 24- Hour Care           £450 -£700/week +

Temporary Nanny                             £12 - 15/hour +

Weekend Nanny                                £10 - £15/hour +

After School Nanny                            £10- £15/hour

Maternity Nanny                                £600 + per week (gross)

Full-time nannies, (daily nannies), normally work 5 days per week.  Most daily nannies are willing to babysit one or two nights during the week, but this is usually paid in addition to the nanny’s weekly net salary and is by separate negotiation.   Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule, especially if you are offered extra perks (i.e. private use of a car, shorter work week, late starts with full salary etc).

Families typically employ live-in nannies for the sake of convenience.  Due to the benefit of not having to travel to work and having free accommodation, a live-in nanny is expected to work longer hours than a daily nanny – about 60 hours per week.  It is also expected of a live-in nanny to do 1-2 nights of babysitting each week.   Unlike a daily nanny, these 1-2 nights of babysitting are not paid in addition to his/her weekly net salary.  We recommend these nights are not regularly at the weekend or on their days off.  They should be offered a bedroom that is entirely for their use. 

Should you have any questions, The London Nanny Agency offers advice on appropriate salary offers all levels of nannies and nanny jobs.    

Should you have any questions, The London Nanny Agency offers advice on appropriate salaries for any nanny job. 

Nanny Duties

Nanny duties are an important part of your nanny job.  However, they should never take priority over looking after your charges.  Nanny duties are to be done during down time, whilst the children are at activities (that do not require your presence or involvement), asleep or at school or nursery.

As a nanny, you are a professional childcarer and thus, your duties are  normally limited to child related ones.  If there are additional requirements these should be agreed in advance and noted on a contract. 

Nanny Diaries

The London Nanny Agency highly recommends that all of its nannies use a nanny diary in their new positions.  A nanny diary is a daily detailed account about your charges so your employers can learn all about their children’s activities and schedule.  By maintaining a nanny diary, your employers will see you as a true professional who cares about them and their children’s well-being.

A nanny diary can be as artistic or creative as you like, but it is of the utmost importance that it be organised and highly informative.  Documenting your time with the children not only helps the parents feel as though they were able to take part in their children’s day, but it is also a great safety precaution in case something happens such as an allergic reaction, a scrape from the playground etc.  The more you keep your employers in the know, the better.  Lastly, the diary serves as a space for busy parents to write feedback or thoughts they may not have time to share with you as they rush out the door in the morning or upon arriving home from work.   

The London Nanny Agency recommends that you include a variety of information.  Separate your nanny diary into sections making space each day for logging the children’s activities, the children’s general energy level and temperament, what they ate during their snacks and meals, whether they are running low on foods the children typically eat and the nanny duties completed.  In regards to the children’s activities, it’s a good idea to record their location, duration and whether their peers joined you.  If you are caring for very young children it may be wise to note the regularity and frequency of their bowel movements.  For older children, you might want to write about the progress they made with their homework. 

Parents want to see that the nanny has engaged their children creatively and physically.   Lastly, the nanny diary is a space for you to note any suggestions in activities that you think the children would like to take up on a regular basis or if they seem to be struggling with their homework in certain subjects.  Make your nanny diary as thoughtful and organised as possible.  The goal of a nanny diary is to maintain open lines of communication with your employers and to promote the safety, security and happiness of your charges!